Blazor Meetup

2 years ago -  

On May 4, 2022, I attended a meetup at one of Microsoft’s campuses in Reading. This was my first time at a meetup like this. It was about Blazor on .NET 6 presented by Steve Sanderson. I was already familiar with him from his previous work Knockout, which was/is an MVVM framework designed for the web. These days, I mostly build web applications using Node.js/React. In addition, I have been looking at Blazor. I believe that using it over React in .NET projects is a smart move because C# can be used on the client and the server. Therefore, there is no need to context switch between C# and JS/TS code all the time.

During the event, Steve presented sample applications that illustrated some of Blazor’s newest .NET 6 capabilities. He showed how we can build a full-stack application using Blazor in his demos. Here’s some of the latest features:

  • Hot reload
  • Smaller download size
  • WebAssembly AOT
  • Native dependencies
  • Error boundaries
  • Dynamic component rendering
  • Render components from JS

The last one was my personal favourite. Steve demonstrated how to use a Blazor component within a React application.