Running PowerShell on macOS

7 years ago -  

It’s been a while I have been using macOS as my primary operating system, you can read about my expreince here.

Today I wanted to run a PowerShell script, I searched around and figured out Microsoft has made PowerShell open source open source and the good news is that PowerShell is now cross-platform! this means that you can also run PowerShell scripts on Linux, macOS.

Actually to get PowerShell to work all you need to do is installing it using Homebrew:

brew cask install powershell

Before preceding, make sure you have already installed Homebrew-Cask on your machine.

Homebrew-Cask extends Homebrew and brings its elegance, simplicity, and speed to macOS applications and large binaries alike. It only takes 1 line in your shell to reach 3759 Casks maintained by 4856 contributors.

That’s it, now PowerShell is installed, so you can use it in your terminal:

There’s also a great VSCode extension to write, debug PowerShell scripts: