Passed Exam 70-483 - Programming in C#

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CSharp notes

I have been developing with C# for a while, and I decided to pass Exam 70-483 in order to validate my skill. In order to pass the exam, you should be able to perform the following skills:

Manage program flow (25–30%)

  • Implement multithreading and asynchronous processing
  • Manage multithreading
  • Implement program flow
  • Iterate across collection and array items; program decisions by using switch statements, if/then, and operators; evaluate expressions
  • Create and implement events and callbacks
  • Create event handlers; subscribe to and unsubscribe from events; use built-in delegate types to create events; create delegates; lambda expressions; anonymous methods
  • Implement exception handling

Create and use types (25–30%)

  • Create types
  • Consume types
  • Enforce encapsulation
  • Create and implement a class hierarchy
  • Find, execute, and create types at runtime by using reflection
  • Manage the object life cycle
  • Manipulate strings

Debug applications and implement security (25–30%)

  • Validate application input
  • Perform symmetric and asymmetric encryption
  • Manage assemblies
  • Debug an application
  • Implement diagnostics in an application

Implement data access (25–30%)

  • Perform I/O operations
  • Consume data
  • Query and manipulate data and objects by using LINQ
  • Serialize and deserialize data
  • Store data in and retrieve data from collections

You can check the details in the Exam 70–483 Official Website.


These are the books I used for passing the exam.

CSharp notes

The way I read these books was by reading them from cover to cover and highlight important things:

CSharp notes

I also kept track of the notes somewhere else to review them after finishing the books:

CSharp notes