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ReactProgramming Notes

What’s Flux?

  • A design pattern developed at Facebook to keep data flowing in one direction (unidirectional data flow)
  • An alternative to MVC
  • Provides a way to provide data that React will use to create the UI


  • Store: In flux, application state data in managed outside of React components in stores.
  • Store holds and change data
  • Stores are the only thing that can update a view in Flux
  • An action provides the instructions and data required to make a change.
  • Actions are dispatched using a central control component called dispatcher.
  • The dispatcher is designed to queue up actions and dispatch them to the appropriate store.
  • Every change requires an action.
  • Action creators are functions that can be used to abstract away the nitty-gritty details required to build an action.
  • Actions are object that at minimum contain a type field
  • Dispatcher takes an action, packages it with some information and send it on to the appropriate store.

Structure and Data Flow https://facebook.github.io/flux/docs/in-depth-overview/

Flux implementations