About Me

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Me in a nutshell

A seasoned software engineer and technical lead, with extensive experience in developing web applications in the UK's high-tech sector. Expert in the Node.js ecosystem, particularly React and TypeScript, and proficient in a broad range of technologies including Node.js, Deno, Next.js, Gatsby, GraphQL, React, Nest.js, TypeScript, ASP.NET Core, and C#. Adept at leading technical teams and designing scalable, maintainable systems. Committed to continuous learning and innovation, actively contributing to open-source projects, and sharing insights on emerging technologies through regular blog posts. Skilled in cloud architectures (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), database technologies (SQL and NoSQL), and DevOps practices. Also proficient in PowerShell and Bash scripting, enhancing development and deployment processes.


I enjoy going to the gym and I hit the gym three times a week, an activity that offers numerous benefits, particularly for mental health. Regular exercise at the gym fosters the release of endorphins, natural mood lifters that can reduce stress and anxiety. This biochemical change promotes a sense of well-being and can alleviate symptoms of depression.