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Sirwan Afifi

Stories from a web developer.

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Hi! I’m Sirwan Afifi and I’m a full stack web developer. I’m currently working on Microsoft stack, Recently I fell in love with JavaScript.

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I code, blog and tweet. Besides writing software, I try to help others by posting on Stackoverflow, also I learn new things by asking questions I ran into there.

Why have you built this blog?

In fact I have to say I’ve been entertaining the idea of building a blog about stuff I learn everyday for quite a long time now, becuase keeping track of new things I learn was a big deal for me, So I came up with this idea that a blog can help me to solve this problem


When I’m not programming you can find me on reading a book, watching a movie/series or listening to some music.

Contact me

If you want say hi, feel free to drop me an email or hit me up on Twitter @SirwanAfifi. I look forward to hearing from you!